Helping purpose-led makers, creators and producers connect with their vision through the art of photography

I believe above all else in the power of authenticity, finding your purpose and connecting with others.

My goal with my photography is to find the beauty in the everyday, to capture light, to notice the details, and ultimately to evoke emotion and connect with the viewer.

At the end of the day, that is the power of amazing photography - to motivate, inspire, move, feel, and connect with others.

I'm so glad you're here

Hi I'm Laur, a professional food photographer living in the beautiful West Gippsland countryside in Victoria, Australia.


When I'm not busy taking photos of food, you'll find me growing it in our garden or cooking up healthy meals in our country kitchen. The locavore philosophy really resonates with me, where it's all about eating and sourcing real, local food.


I also have a cookbook and handmade ceramics obsession, which I figure is totally justifiable considering the work I do!  I absolutely adore my collection of beautifully made props and love supporting local makers.


Living a simple life in the country with my little family brings me so much joy, and I love connecting with like-minded people living their purpose who care about a natural way of living too.

My creative community describe me as...passionate, creative, talented, thoughtful, calm and real.

When you work with me, my aim is for you to feel understood and clearer on your visual identity and style. I love the process of translating your story into images and my determination and passion for all things photography means I won't stop until your images feel on-brand and just right.

How I got here

I'm actually a Child Psychologist turned Food Photographer...

My purpose or why in life has always been to help and inspire people to be who they are so that they feel a sense of clarity and purpose in their world. 

Becoming a Psychologist was obviously a natural fit for this why, however, it was always missing a creative and joyful element for me. Once I discovered photography and realised I could live my passion and purpose together, it really brought everything together for me.

Since discovering my passion, I have skilled myself in the niche area of food photography, completing multiple courses on all things food styling and photography, as well as lifestyle photography. And I've been lucky enough to work with a range of beautiful, small businesses supporting them in creating images for their websites, social media and print. I'm also really proud of having my work featured in the Book of Life, a cookbook celebrating all things Gippsland farmers, chefs and local produce, created by Gippslandia.


Through my photography I get to connect with heartfelt, purposeful businesses doing great things, helping them translate their vision and connect with who they are, as well as providing clarity and capturing their purpose. It truly is such a joyful experience for me and I hope that's reflected in the thoughtful work I create.


The most common feedback I get from my clients is how beautiful my work is, how I just seem to 'get it' and how glad they are they invested in my photography. As one client put it -

"these images are pure genius because of all the things they say without having to write anything"


As featured on the front cover of the cookbook 'Book of life', by Gippslandia.

I get how hard it can be to make the decision to invest in your business and spend money on professional photography.

But at the end of the day, high quality photography sells. It sells because it creates a connection and an emotion in your audience that motivates them to engage and buy from you.


I want you to feel like your investment in my photography has been of value and leaves you feeling more confident in selling your product, sharing your story and connecting with your audience.

Ultimately my goal is to help you connect with who you are, grow your purpose-led business and engage your customers through the art of photography.

Are you ready to get the one-on-one support you need to clarify your brand identity, produce images that sell your products, and tailor your photos to the story you want to tell?