Are you a purpose-led maker, creator or producer doing great things and wanting images to reflect the heart of your business and connect with your customers?

 Get the one-on-one support you need to connect

with your business' purpose and translate your

vision through the art of photography.

Is this you right now?

  • You’re tired of spending time taking your own photos only to have them look a little dull, average and not how you imagined in your head.


  • You wonder whether your product and photos look good enough and able to compete with all the other amazing, wholesome businesses out there.


  • You want to ensure that you’re giving your business its best chance at growing and making the sales you need to keep doing what you love.


  • You want your website and social media to be working hard for you through high-quality visuals that inspire trust, draw in your dream customers and build a sense of community.


  • You don’t even have time to think about photography and social media and wish someone else could just take over and wave their photography magic.

Imagine if....

  • You had more time focusing on growing your business rather than figuring out how to take photos and being frustrated by not being able to make your product look as amazing as you know it is.


  • You felt confident in selling your product, knowing it finally stands out and can compete against all the other wonderful, wholesome businesses out there.


  • You were positioning yourself as a high-quality product and doing everything you could to take your business to the next level.


  • You didn’t have to devote so much time going out to markets and selling your products yourself because you knew your online content was building trust and engagement with your customers.


  • Creating content for your social media and having beautiful photos to use was a breeze and taken care of by a professional food and product photographer you could trust and rely on.


"Laurie is a true professional. She spoke with me to understand the project in depth and worked through with me step by step to ensure the end product was perfect!

I can't wait to work with her again on my next projects; she makes something stressful for me a breeze.

- Jarrad Nicoll, from King & Queen Beverages

Sound good? Here are the packages I offer...

Locavore Photography Logo Files_Transpar

Style Shoot Sell

Is an all-in-one website product photography package designed to help you fill your online shop and website with professional on-brand photography.


  • Up to 20 of your products styled and photographed for your online shop.

  • 5 bonus complementary product photos to use across your website and social media.

  • 1-hour consult to help understand your brand and look you want as well as exact photos required.

  • Images delivered to you in the format you require for your website.

  • Props and use of studio.

  • $695

  • Additional products charged at an hourly rate

Cider Tonic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Let's Create Content


Is a content creation package designed to create beautifully styled images for you to use throughout your website, social media and marketing channels.


  • Images of your product in a range of scenes, taken in my studio for a customised and styled look. 

  • 1-hour consult to help understand your brand and look you want as well as the photos you need to help tell your story.

  • Images delivered to you in the format you require.

  • Props and use of studio included.

  • Packages start from $395 depending on number of scenes and photos required.

Locavore Photography Logo Files_Transpar
Locavore Photography Logo Files_Transpar

 Lifestyle/On location


Perfect for cafes, restaurants, makers, creators, producers, I come to you on location and create images for you to use throughout your website,  social media and any other marketing channels.


  • Approx. 50 photos and 2 hours on location.

  • 1-hour consult to help understand your brand and look you want as well as the photos you need to help tell your story.

  • Images delivered to you in the format you require.

  • Local travel, or hourly rate if over 60mins.

  • $595 

  • Additional time and photos can be added on at an hourly rate


Here's how it works

  1. Fill out my enquiry form (that I'll send to you once you make contact) so we can see if we’re the right fit and we can book in a time to chat more.

  2. We have a 1:1 consultation (in person or on the phone), so I can get to know your business better, the photos you need and the story you want to share.

  3. We create a visual brand identity through a mood board and exchange photo ideas and inspiration to ensure we’re on the same page with your vision.

  4. You deliver your product to me (in person or by mail), and I take all the photos as discussed OR if on location, I come to you at a time that suits and take photos as discussed.

  5. I'll then edit the photos to suit the look of your brand and to help the photos pop even more.

  6. Delivery time! Your photos will be sent to you in the dimensions, crop and resolution you requested, via Google Drive.

  7. As part of my services, I tend to do a post on Instagram about my work with you; always happy to share the love and it's free advertising for you! But please let me know if you'd prefer me not to do this.


Along the way, I’ll be communicating with you to let you know where things are at and showing you some shots in progress to make sure they’re meeting the brief. I really value your input and feedback to ensure you’re getting the photos you want and love.


"Laur has a rare ability to see beauty in simplicity and make everything you love about your product come alive in her photos. She helped elevate our brand and what she does with food is simply magical. Couldn't recommend her more highly!

- Fiona Carnibella, from NCannuolu


My services are for you if...

  • You make a wholesome, high-quality product and need someone to translate your vision and make your product look as amazing as you know it to be.

  • You don’t have the expertise or time to be taking your own photos and instead want to focus on growing your business and selling your products.

  • You want to work with a photographer who cares about real food and wholesome products and who will take the time to get to know you and your story.

  • You need some clarity for your business and visual identity and want on-brand images to take your business to the next level.

My services will help you...

  • Have photos you can feel proud of and feel confident competing against like-minded, wholesome businesses.

  • Have more clarity around your brand visual identity and a consistent on-brand look for your website and social media.

  • Have professional looking photos to use across your website and social media that attract more customers and increase your sales.

  • Have more time to focus on growing your business and taking it to the next level.


Meet the photographer behind Locavore Photography

Hi, I’m Laur, a Psychologist turned Food and Product /Lifestyle Photographer living the simple life in the country and passionate about all things real, wholesome food and clean living. Understanding people and their stories are my thing. I absolutely love the whole process of connecting with you and your brand and translating your story into beautiful imagery that makes your business stand out.

Living an intentional life with meaning is important to me and I value working with others who value connection and purpose too. That's why I'm here to help purpose-led businesses do their thing and connect with who they are and how they want to show up. And I choose to do that through my passion and the art of photography. 

If you want someone who will take the time to understand you and your business and you want your images to reflect the heart of your brand, then I would love to work with you...



"Wow!! Love the photos, they look beautiful. Thank you so much for doing this for us in such a short turnaround. We are so so happy and look forward to working with you in the future."

- Jamie Sciberras, from The Biscuit Shop


If you're ready to lead with heart and purpose and connect with your audience, then get in touch.

I would love to hear from you and find out more about ways we can work together.


  1. What happens if the photos are not quite what I wanted?

Minor adjustments to editing can be made at no extra cost. If a reshoot is required, I can offer this at a reduced rate, or provide a refund if you're really not happy. However, with a clear consultation to start with and great communication in place, this shouldn't occur!   


2.   How does it work if I want something a little different from the packages you offer or want more photos?


I’m happy to make some adjustments to my packages, such as additional photos, and would charge you an hourly rate on top of the package price. For anything significantly different (recipe development or editorial work, for example), the cost would depend on your specific requirements and the estimated time it would take me to complete your project.

I'm open to all sorts of interesting projects, definitely don't hesitate to ask!


3.   What happens to my product once you’ve finished taking the photos?


I either keep the product (if it’s something that can’t be reused or you say it’s OK for me to enjoy!) or we can organise for you to pick it up or for it to be delivered back to you at your expense.


4.   How does payment work?


To lock in your product shoot, a 50% deposit is required before commencing. The 2nd payment can then be made once I send you the photos. On both occasions I will send you a tax invoice with payment details and we're good to go!